PM Modi takes a jibe at Congress, labels ‘Modi virodh’ as party’s sole agenda

PM Modi takes a jibe at Congress, labels ‘Modi virodh’ as party's sole agenda


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a verbal attack on the Congress party, alleging that its primary agenda revolves around opposition to him, describing it as ‘Modi Virodh’ and ‘Ghor Modi Virodh’.

PM Modi made these remarks while addressing the program ‘Developed India-Developed Rajasthan’. He said, “Congress has only one agenda, to abuse Modi…they don’t even take the name of Vikshit Bharat because Modi works for it.

He further added, “They don’t support ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ because Modi supports it…Whatever Modi does, they will do the opposite even though it might lead to the loss of the nation. Congress has only one agenda ‘Modi Virodh’, ‘Ghor Modi Virodh’.”

Modi further added, “Today, everyone is leaving Congress, only one family is visible.”

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Modi further lashed at the Congress government in Rajasthan and said, “During the regime of the previous govt in Rajasthan, there used to be frequent paper leaks, youth used to get affected by this, to investigate this, an SIT was formed as soon as BJP came to power. Central govt has formed a stringent law against those who indulge in paper leaks.”

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PM Modi noted that India has got this opportunity to leave behind all the disappointments from 10 years ago. “India is moving forward now with confidence. Before 2014, there used to be only discussions of scams and bombings. People of India used to think what would happen to them and to the country. During the Congress regime, this was the atmosphere,” he added.


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