Xi Jinping-Joe Biden meeting: 7 key takeaways from US-China strategic dialogue amid global tensions

Xi Jinping-Joe Biden meeting: 7 key takeaways from US-China strategic dialogue amid global tensions

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping held a US-China Summit on November 15. The US President and his Chinese counterpart discussed various global and bilateral issues. Here are 7 key takeaways.

Middle East

At the summit, President Biden emphasised the Middle East. He called for peace and stability. The complex roles of the US and China in this region were underscored.


Taiwan was a major topic. Xi Jinping described it as crucial in US-China relations. He urged the US to respect commitments regarding Taiwan’s independence. Xi favoured peaceful reunification but didn’t rule out force. Biden stressed the US’s commitment to regional peace.

Taiwan elections

With Taiwan’s January elections approaching, Biden asked China to respect the island’s democratic process. Despite China’s military presence near Taiwan, there seemed no immediate invasion threat.


Biden sought China’s help to de-escalate tensions with Iran. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi confirmed talks with Iran were ongoing. Biden made it clear: Hamas issues are separate from broader Palestinian concerns, as per CNN.

Fentanyl production

A key discussion was on fentanyl production. China pledged to target related companies. The US plans to monitor these efforts, the publication added.

Military communications

The summit led to a key agreement: restoring military-to-military communications. This step is crucial as it helps lower the risk of misunderstandings. It also aids in managing tensions between the two military forces.

Positive conclusion

Despite not achieving a joint statement or formal cooperation declaration, the summit ended on a positive note. Biden expressed optimism about the “real progress” made in the talks. He highlighted the importance of this engagement between the world’s leading powers amid increasing global tensions, the publication added.

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Updated: 16 Nov 2023, 07:37 AM IST

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